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Our Students Work At...

From: Sam Shiah

Dear future investment banker,

With great pay, amazing exit opportunities, and a chance to rub elbows with some of the most elite executives in the world...

It’s no wonder competition for positions at companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Evercore are at an all-time high

And with the average acceptance rate at these top firms being as low as 1-3% of their applicant pool each year, you only have one shot to stand out from the competition.

To make matters worse, the recruiting process starts earlier and earlier every year…

To the point where students who want to work for bulge bracket and elite boutique banks are now having to apply and interview up to a year and a half in advance of the job.

This means you Can Never Start Too Early in:
  • 1) Figuring out whether investment banking is the career path that you want to pursue
  • 2) Putting in the preparation that's needed to become the top 1% of the candidate pool

So not only are you racing against the thousands of other high-achieving students pursuing a career in investment banking…

You’re also racing against the recruiting deadline.

If you’re anything like most of the students we've helped to land some of the best investment banking jobs out here, you’ve worked your ass off up to this point.

You’ve gotten into the best college you can, you’ve pulled all-nighters before exams so that you can keep your GPA as high as possible, and you’ve done everything in your power to make sure what you put on your resume will impress investment bankers.

However, just because your resume is full of achievements, it still doesn’t come close to guaranteeing that you’ll get the job over your peers.

In fact, if you’re just hoping that your resume is good enough to get the job, but you’re not 100% certain about it, then you’re essentially gambling with your career... or relying on “luck”.

But as we both know... “luck” isn’t going to guarantee you a spot at a prestigious firm… and it’s certainly not what’s going to make you stand out over someone that came in prepared.

It's Time To Make Certain All Your Hard Work Gets Recognized...

I hate to break it to you… You’re not that special.

There are hundreds of thousands of candidates just like you that have lived their entire lives awaiting this moment as their time to shine.

Don’t believe me? Goldman Sachs alone had over 28,000 applicants for its summer 2019 investment banking internships. They hired less than 500 of them for that class (<2% acceptance).

Most of them went to top schools, had top GPAs, and 2-3 relevant finance internships on their resume as well as leadership experience in relevant school organizations (finance clubs, student-run investment funds, etc.)...

And perhaps most importantly of all, all of them aggressively networked with investment bankers at all the top banks.

You know you need to do the same. But before you start, there’s one thing you need to get right: you need to have a rockstar resume.

Going back to the analogy of trying to win a race against your competition… networking with a subpar resume is like running a race while carrying two 25lb dumbbells.

You are going to put in a lot of effort…

And it’s going to be a really painful grind....

And you won’t go very far...

Because investment bankers simply don’t respond to networking requests from people who don’t look qualified. They are too busy to waste their time on candidates who seemingly have no chance.

But if you had a resume that could turn you from an overlooked nobody into an elite candidate who has the potential to become the next badass rainmaker on Wall Street

Bankers will not only be happy to talk to you. They’ll be eager to refer you to their firm… because it makes them look good when they discover rockstar candidates like you.

So how do I make this happen?

It’s simple - you need the EXACT methods we've used to get our students to a 90%+ success rate in an industry where the top banks only accept 1-3% of the applicant pool each year. 

This same method that has resulted in 100s of students landing some of the highest paying positions on Wall Street...

Just check out some of the recent success stories:

Just take a look at some of our recent success stories:

"Before WSMM, I thought my resume was one of the weaker ones out of people I knew... after WSMM, Sam guided me in making my resume a lot stronger. I would say that a lot of bankers have actually complimented me on how strong a resume is now." -Ed

"Before WSMM, I had some trouble with my resume, just even getting an interview... WSMM has provided me with the necessary resources to get me ahead in the recruiting field as I'm coming from a non-target school and really had no idea of what it takes." -Isaac

"The first thing that I'd say I learned was how to organize my resume in a way that would get past the initial screening... So my resume was automatically cleared up after working through Sam's modules and learning how best to structure and organize it." -Jenn

"So what Sam has essentially been able to do for me is completely revamped my resume. My resume right now it looks nothing like it looked six months ago like not even, I would say, just my name and my address is the same, everything else has changed." -Joe

"Sam was willing to work really hard with me and walk me through the rationale behind how to make a good resume, a good cover letter, a good LinkedIn profile... Within two weeks, I was able to score a remote private equity internship with practically no relevant experience on my resume." -Nathaniel

"And so coming on board with you I've been able to craft a resume and cover letter that I feel is the best presentation of myself, especially for a first impression... I'm excited to send it out to people and for them to see it. Whether they like it or not, I know that it's the best foot forward that I can give." -Tyler

Now you may be wondering, WHY should I even listen to you? So let me quickly introduce myself

My name is Sam Shiah. I’m the Founder of Wall Street Mastermind.

I’m a former investment banker at Morgan Stanley Tech, one of the toughest groups to break into on Wall Street. After banking, I made the even more difficult jump to private equity, investing at GI Partners, a fund with over $20 billion of assets under management.

During my time on Wall Street, I not only helped close 14 deals worth $9 billion in transaction value, but I was also a part of the on-campus recruiting team at Morgan Stanley.

In the past three years, I’ve personally coached close to 400 students through the investment banking recruiting process, achieving a 90%+ success rate for students who complete our program.

In other words, you can say I have some insider knowledge you probably won’t find anywhere else...

I Know How You’re Feeling Right Now. Because I’ve Been Through The Struggle.

Stressed. Overwhelmed. In over your head. You know where you want to get to, but you’re not sure where to start. That was me back in 2007, as I tried to recruit for my own investment banking summer analyst internship.

I definitely didn’t have all the boxes checked...

My GPA was average at 3.5, I had done an unpaid internship but didn’t really get any real responsibilities (I still remember stuffing envelopes on that job, literally), I didn’t know how to schmooze at networking events, and I was horrible at interviewing (true story: I once fell asleep watching the recording of my own mock interview).

Despite all of my shortcomings, I had one thing going for me -- my resume was extremely polished. It honestly made me look better on paper than I was in real life.

As a result, I was able to land numerous interviews with bulge bracket banks on campus... and the rest was history.

Everything You Need To maximize Your Chances Of Getting Your Dream Job Is Yours for A Small Investment Into Your Big Future


  • Top tips and tricks from an industry insider and Goldman Sachs recruiters
  • Save hours of time from writing and editing your resume using a proven resume template that has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed to make recruiters stop and take notice
  • ​A 60-point checklist from an industry insider helping you remove the guesswork of what recruiters are looking for in a top candidate
  • Side by side walkthrough of a top tier resume with tips and tricks to help you avoid costly mistakes stopping you from getting the interview
  • ​How to use action verbs effectively, instantly spiking the potency of the bullet points on your résumé (plus a list of over 120 top action verbs!)
  • Look over my shoulder during a live resume breakdown and watch as we turn a resume from lackluster to outstanding
  • ​And so much more!
As you can see, when you join Irresistible Resume™ you’re getting the keys to some of our most tightly kept secrets. Secrets that will guarantee you get noticed by top bankers and recruiters. Secrets that have helped over 400 other students do the same!
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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You've Seen The Proof, So We Can Both Agree that What I teach just flat out works...
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So, If You’re Ready to FINALLY Take the Guesswork Out of Landing an Interview for Your Dream Career While Getting a Competitive Edge Above All the Other Applicants...

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-Sam Shiah
CEO, Founder of Wall Street Mastermind

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